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Business Platforms

Platform businesses are everywhere.  We use them everyday as part of our day to day.  Spotify to listen to music.  AirBnB to book travel.  Uber for rides.  Netflix for entertainment, and so on.  Everyone of these platform businesses are underpinned by a business platform that drives them forward by with deep and meaningful engagements with their customers.

What makes one business platform better than another one?  What makes up a business platform?  How does a business platform differ from a technology platform?  These are all important questions that we attempt to answer by framing them as a set of more granular questions. These questions get specific, opening up and centring the discussion around the different types of customers that platform businesses ultimatlely serve; producers and consumers.  Then we step back and build an digital ecosystem that meets their customer needs.

Business Platforms

Here are a bunch of questions people  frequently ask about business and digital platforms.  If you have any questions, please send them my way.





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